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Atlas Obscura

This Drink Was the Eggnog of the Middle Ages

Consisting of spiced, curdled milk and lots of alcohol, this boozy bedtime drink dates back to the Middle Ages.

SABAT Magazine

Tarot of the Hidden Star Q&A

I discovered the Tarot in my teens, at an age when you desperately want answers the corporeal world cannot provide...

Essays & Explorations


Women's History Month: Meet the Almost-Forgotten Courtesan Veronica Franco | A WOMEN'S THING

"When we too are armed and trained..."

The Outsider

Abandoned: Villa De Vecchi

Just east of Lake Como, nestled against the forested mountains of Cortenova, sits an inarguably haunted house.

Atlas Obscura

The Red House

Condensed version of The Outsider piece.

Quail Bell Magazine

Beheadings & Homecomings: A Ghost Story for the Haunted

My very personal account of moving to Italy, letting go of one's ghosts, and what a severed head in a pot of basil has to do with it.

Rebelle Society

Balconies, Breasts, and Death: Exploring Juliet's Verona

I started to scribble a poem in Verona, titled 'I Want to Steal the Breasts of Juliet,' and while I never finished it, the sentiment still lingers...

The Wisdom Daily

What Dracula's Castle Taught Me About The Perils Of Bigotry

Satan is a skinny b*tch.

Quail Bell Magazine

Girls And Dolls: Navigating A Childhood Obsession

There’s the haves and the have-nots, and the only thing standing between the two is a vinyl doll in pantaloons.

Queen Mob's Tea House

The Privileged Mope - Queen Mob's Tea House

"What will we do with ourselves this afternoon, and the day after that, and the next thirty years?" Daisy Buchanan wasn't the only one to pose this existential dilemma.

American Slander

The Big D

Adventures in major depressive disorder.

Quail Bell Magazine

Reprint: Balconies, Breasts, and Death: Exploring Juliet's Verona (Valentine's Edition)

*Editor's Note​: First appeared in Rebelle Society

Quail Bell Magazine

Mental Health Awareness Month: Revisiting the Room

*Editor's note: First appeared in American Slander

Paganism, Witchery, and Natural Magick

Witchery Press

Magick, Mental Health, and the Reluctant Warrior

“They know you can take it. You have always been a warrior, even in your reluctance. Every life. They’re saying it now: She can handle it.”

SABAT Magazine

Craft or Commodity? - SABAT Magazine

A chat about being a modern Witch in a material world.

Witchery Press

The (Witch's) Dark Night of the Soul: Losing-and Finding-Your Way

In Catholicism and Christian mysticism, there is a term known as 'the dark night of the soul...

Witchery Press

Before Salem: The Burning Times and a Call to all Self-Proclaimed Witches

When I was fifteen I spent a few weeks out of the spring semester as an exchange student in Cologne, Germany. Our many guided outings took us to cathedrals and archaeological...