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Sabat Magazine
You Were Made For These Times

Post-quarantine reflections on death, change, and the riddle of my existence. Do not lose heart.

The Gorgeous Horrors Of Villa De Vecchi

Murder, disappearances, a piano that plays by itself, Aleister Crowley -  welcome to one of Italy's most controversial haunted houses.

Quail Bell Press
Her Plumage: An Anthology of Women's Writings from Quail Bell Magazine

A collection of essays, fiction, and poetry by female members of The Quail Bell Crew and select contributors. This is the third anthology by Quail Bell Magazine, a literary magazine for real and unreal stories from around the world. All proceeds will be donated to RAINN.

Suspira Magazine
The Vampire Issue

Immortal Beloved: The Evolution of Vampiric Romance, on sale now

Essays & Explorations

Atlas Obscura
The Red House

Condensed version of The Outsider piece.

Queen Mob's Tea House
The Privileged Mope - Queen Mob's Tea House

"What will we do with ourselves this afternoon, and the day after that, and the next thirty years?" Daisy Buchanan wasn't the only one to pose this existential dilemma.

American Slander
The Big D

Adventures in major depressive disorder.

Paganism, Witchery, and Natural Magick

SABAT Magazine
The Darker Side of Modern Magick

Talking "Cursed Britain: A History of Witchcraft and Black Magic in Modern Times" with author Thomas Waters

Venefica Magazine

Overjoyed to be included in Volume III of the insanely gorgeous Venefica Magazine, published through Brooklyn's Catland. Preorders available now!

Witchery Press, now November Sage Herbarium
Magick, Mental Health, and the Reluctant Warrior

“They know you can take it. You have always been a warrior, even in your reluctance. Every life. They’re saying it now: She can handle it.”

The School Of Witchery, Witchery Press
Beltane's Fiery Blessings

"Anyone who is familiar with Stravinsky’s “The Rite Of Spring” can attest that this time of year is anything but gentle..." On the ancient Pagan holiday, and how to keep the fire burning.



SABAT Magazine
Grimoire Glory: An Interview With Author Juliet Diaz

"Consisting of time-honored spells, rituals, and DIY remedies, as well as moon, crystal and herbal Magick, Witchery is both companion and grimoire, penned in the familiar voice of a friend who happens to be a successful Witch influencer."

SABAT Magazine
Tarot of the Hidden Star Q&A

I discovered the Tarot in my teens, at an age when you desperately want answers the corporeal world cannot provide...

SABAT Magazine
Artist Q&A: Hidden Velvet

In moments of dreaming, have you ever been aware of some shadowy ‘other’ just along the periphery, watching you and lending a subtle but unearthly hand to the proceedings? That’s Hidden Velvet.

The Wayward Post
A Room With A Brew

My Florentine adventure and chance encounter with an inspiring coffee entrepreneur this past summer.

CLASH Media (Note: these links are currently down due to publication transitions, please check back soon or hit me up for a transcript!)

Facebook Is My Russian Doll Party

Like Nadia stumbling through her LES birthday bash, it’s all starting to feel like a series of vignettes to me, at once both repetitive and shifting for the worse a little more each time. I can’t tell if it’s me or the drugs.


Black Dandy: Inagural Issue
The Sin Eater Sings Blue Hawaii

A macabre tale inspired by equal parts American gothic + Midwestern ghost towns + a late friend's account of a very real serial killer grandfather. Available now for print/digital sale on Amazon: Publisher Statement: "Black Dandy is a quarterly literary journal dedicated to excellence in magic realism, surrealism, and the otherwise strange. Based in New Zealand, we're proud to feature top...

Nature Studies Journal

A two-truths-and-a-lie satire concerning lifestyle blogs, elite interior magazines, two con artists, and the necessary acquiring of things.

Pulp Literature
Black Blizzard

My award -winning short story about a Depression-era dustbowl family, and the many ways magic can be twisted to corrupt or cope.


They say she is the soul of all wasted women: beautiful and barren, she is the suicide of winter, the white bone buried beneath the seedling; a strange and dangerous tree awaiting its first blossom. There is one in every country that has felt the bite of winter: always a woman neither young nor old,...


A tale about a family of monstrous immortals squatting in "a part of London even London has no recollection of..."

Gone Lawn

No more little mermaids.

Hagstone Publishing

What were faerie tales but the earliest birds and bees talk?

Poetry/Prose (Mobile reading not recommended, best viewed on desktop)

Nature Studies Journal
Poem: "Oracle"

Once I inhabited my body like a Trojan horse...

Quail Bell Magazine
The Traits You Take

​Somewhere in your ancestral villa lives a woman who slices persimmons like she was born to handle knives and babies

ROAR Magazine

"my language like the knife that slices the oyster, savoring the gore as much— if not more— than the delicacy of meat"

Misfit Magazine
Two Poems

Latin lovers and childhood remnants

Local Nomad

We are such stuff as dreams are made on---are dreams, therefore, the stuff of us?

Homestead Review
Two Poems

One about a brother who died before I was born, but had he lived I’d not be here; the other about the mysteries of suburban women.

Eunoia Review
Blonde Bronte

I carved out my flesh with breast-cupped shells, pressed until the blood mixed with the spit, till I perspired pearls and rose like Venus through all your girls, the trapdoor in your best laid hell I wanted to be more than the voluptuous swell devouring harbors, rock and Andromeda, longing for some divining rod to...

Mixed Media

L'Éphémère Review
Photography by Emily Linstrom - L'Éphémère Review

The Liberation of Louise was inspired by a framed antique print of Queen Louise of Prussia that hung in my bedroom as a child and has travelled with me throughout the years, from East Coast to West, before finally being freed from her frame just before I moved to Italy.


"Erlking" is a modern-day interpretation of the darkly seductive Erlkönig, featured throughout folklore and most famously in Goethe's poem and Schubert's musical interpretation. Glimpsing backwards through his many mirrors, the Erlking's flimsy paper crown and casual attire suggest a creature resigned to his dwindling magic in a metropolis far from the forest.

The Continental Review

A short visual narrative inspired by ancestral nostalgia, lucid dreaming, and the ache within each of us to rewrite our histories as the stuff of romantic epics, rather than tragic minutiae.

Nailed Magazine
Annabel | Nailed Magazine

"Annabel" is a short film curated in the style of archival footage, set to Erik Satie's Gnossiene No.1 and narrated through an original poem. It tells the macabre little tale of a young woman who may be vampiric, may be tubercular, who haunts a WWII tenement looking for love-or at least a decent dining companion.

Wicked Alice

"Lavinia," a self portrait inspired by Shakespeare's first produced play Titus Andronicus.


"Radiance" by Snazz Mammoth featuring : Emily Linstrom Nicholas Adamski Director & DP: Brandon Herman Editor: Jackie Todd

Rogue Agent Journal
Amore Fati

Amor fati is a Latin phrase that loosely translates as "love of one's fate." It was not always so. There was a time when fate was a daemon riding my back, or else an explosion of prosperity I waited for, watched out for...


American Slander
Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Review of "By The Sea"

A handful of years ago I worked with a vocalist who met Angelina Jolie-Pitt while touring. She more or less said what most people who encounter the starlet report: that she's quiet, intense, unfailingly polite, and superhumanly beautiful.

American Slander
High Spirits: A Bit O'Childhood Nostalgia

It's a universal truth that the movies you loved as a kid don't always grow up with you. Conversely, it's a universal smack of awesome when they actually get better with age--yours, to be exact.

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