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Happy 20th Anniversary, Titanic: Thanks for Introducing Me to Big Screen Body Shaming
It turned out the response to Winslet’s nudity was only half the rude awakening.
The Sin Eater Sings Blue Hawaii
A macabre tale inspired by equal parts American gothic + Midwestern ghost towns + a late friend's account of a very real serial killer grandfather. Available now for...

Essays & Explorations

Written by our writer contributor Emily Linstrom this article was first published in The Wayward Post on February 13, 2017.
The Red House
Just east of Lake Como, nestled against the forested mountains of Cortenova, stands the abandoned Villa De Vecchi. It was built in the 1850s to be the summer residence of Count...
Abandoned: Villa De Vecchi
Just east of Lake Como, nestled against the forested mountains of Cortenova, sits an inarguably haunted house.
Beheadings & Homecomings: A Ghost Story for the Haunted
My very personal account of moving to Italy, letting go of one's ghosts, and what a severed head in a pot of basil has to do with it.
Balconies, Breasts, and Death: Exploring Juliet's Verona
I started to scribble a poem in Verona, titled 'I Want to Steal the Breasts of Juliet,' and while I never finished it, the sentiment still lingers...
Mental Health Awareness Month: Depression
Originally published in American Slander, revisiting the room.
What Dracula's Castle Taught Me About The Perils Of Bigotry
Satan is a skinny b*tch.
Girls And Dolls: Navigating A Childhood Obsession
There’s the haves and the have-nots, and the only thing standing between the two is a vinyl doll in pantaloons.
The Privileged Mope - Queen Mob's Tea House
"What will we do with ourselves this afternoon, and the day after that, and the next thirty years?" Daisy Buchanan wasn't the only one to pose this existential dilemma.
The Big D
Adventures in major depressive disorder.

The School of Witchery

The (Witch's) Dark Night of the Soul: Losing-and Finding-Your Way
In Catholicism and Christian mysticism, there is a term known as 'the dark night of the soul...
Before Salem: The Burning Times and a Call to all Self-Proclaimed Witches
When I was fifteen I spent a few weeks out of the spring semester as an exchange student in Cologne, Germany. Our many guided outings took us to cathedrals and archaeological...
Revisiting The Everyday Ritual: Midsummer Edition
What if the everyday ritual found an equally sacred place in one’s own Book of Days?
Beltane's Fiery Blessings
"Anyone who is familiar with Stravinsky’s “The Rite Of Spring” can attest that this time of year is anything but gentle..." On the ancient Pagan holiday, and how to keep the...


A Room With A Brew
My Florentine adventure and chance encounter with an inspiring coffee entrepreneur this past summer.
Stirring His Brandy With A Nail: An Interview With Albatross Owner Eric Bechard
penned under the name Emmie Linstrom
Smooth Sailing, Smoother Spirits: Pilot House Distilling
penned under the name Emmie Linstrom
Pacific Perfection: An Interview With Katie Rathmell of Pacific Window Restoration
penned under the name Emmie Linstrom
Love For All: The Lower Columbia Q Center
penned under the name Emmie Linstrom
Art + Astoria: The Evolution of AVA
penned under the name Emmie Linstrom


A two-truths-and-a-lie satire concerning lifestyle blogs, elite interior magazines, two con artists, and the necessary acquiring of things.
Black Blizzard
My award -winning short story about a Depression-era dustbowl family, and the many ways magic can be twisted to corrupt or cope.
They say she is the soul of all wasted women: beautiful and barren, she is the suicide of winter, the white bone buried beneath the seedling; a strange and dangerous tree...

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