Emily Linstrom



No more little mermaids.
What were faerie tales but the earliest birds and bees talk?


Oops! I Dropped The Lemon Tart
Inspired by Massimo Bottura's famous dessert
The Traits You Take
​Somewhere in your ancestral villa lives a woman who slices persimmons like she was born to handle knives and babies
Photo Tale: Ash Birthday
Birthday musings, witchy images.
Notes From My Travels + 2 Poems
Poems and reflections from my summer in Italy & Greece
Poem: "Oracle"
Once I inhabited my body like a Trojan horse...
Emily Linstrom: Special Feature
1 year anniversary of my Featured Poet pieces on seduction, loss, women, and Castro's Cuba.
"my language like the knife that slices the oyster, savoring the gore as much— if not more— than the delicacy of meat"
Poem: Flight For Valeri
Written in thanks for a year of shipwrecks + wonders
Every Curve is a Word
Tapping me like a keg marked "Woman"
Poem: Only Aria
Two Poems
Latin lovers and childhood remnants
We are such stuff as dreams are made on---are dreams, therefore, the stuff of us?
Cretan Love Letter
A decade ago, a different Greece.
Two Poems
One about a brother who died before I was born, but had he lived I’d not be here; the other about the mysteries of suburban women.
Issue No. 11, Winter 2014
"Heirloom," in memory of my grandmother
Blonde Bronte
I carved out my flesh with breast-cupped shells, pressed until the blood mixed with the spit, till I perspired pearls and rose like Venus through all your girls, the trapdoor in...


High Spirits: A Bit O'Childhood Nostalgia
It's a universal truth that the movies you loved as a kid don't always grow up with you. Conversely, it's a universal smack of awesome when they actually get better with...
Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Review of "By The Sea"
A handful of years ago I worked with a vocalist who met Angelina Jolie-Pitt while touring. She more or less said what most people who encounter the starlet report: that she's...

Mixed Media

"Erlking" is a modern-day interpretation of the darkly seductive Erlkönig, featured throughout folklore and most famously in Goethe's poem and Schubert's musical interpretation....
Grave Rubber: A Self Portrait by Emily Linstrom
"Edinburgh is a mad god's dream..."
Annabel | Nailed Magazine
"Annabel" is a short film curated in the style of archival footage, set to Erik Satie's Gnossiene No.1 and narrated through an original poem. It tells the macabre little tale of...
Amore Fati
Amor fati is a Latin phrase that loosely translates as "love of one's fate." It was not always so. There was a time when fate was a daemon riding my back, or else an explosion...
86 Ships
"...drawn from both the trappings of 18th century colonial power and the raw, unapologetic rants of 1970's punk."
An Interview About My Project "Gilda's Girls"
In-depth discussion with Sarah Valeri about my project Gilda's Girls, an intimate ongoing study in which all women are invited to participate.
PHOTOGRAPHY | by Emily Linstrom
"Lavinia," a self portrait inspired by Shakespeare’s first produced play Titus Andronicus. Lavinia is attacked and raped by the sons of her father’s enemy, her hands...

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