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The School of Witchery, Witchery Press

Revisiting The Everyday Ritual: Midsummer Edition

What if the everyday ritual found an equally sacred place in one’s own Book of Days?

The School Of Witchery, Witchery Press

Beltane's Fiery Blessings

"Anyone who is familiar with Stravinsky’s “The Rite Of Spring” can attest that this time of year is anything but gentle..." On the ancient Pagan holiday, and how to keep the...


SABAT Magazine

Artist Q&A: Hidden Velvet

In moments of dreaming, have you ever been aware of some shadowy ‘other’ just along the periphery, watching you and lending a subtle but unearthly hand to the proceedings?...

The Outsider

Going Analog in the Instagram Age: Matt Logan Talks Capturing His Travels on Film

"Among so many people, travel is less an experience and more of a consumerist pursuit for bragging rights. "

The Wayward Post

A Room With A Brew

My Florentine adventure and chance encounter with an inspiring coffee entrepreneur this past summer.

Hipfish Monthly

Stirring His Brandy With A Nail: An Interview With Albatross Owner Eric Bechard

penned under the name Emmie Linstrom

Hipfish Monthly

Smooth Sailing, Smoother Spirits: Pilot House Distilling

penned under the name Emmie Linstrom

Hipfish Monthly

Pacific Perfection: An Interview With Katie Rathmell of Pacific Window Restoration

penned under the name Emmie Linstrom

Hipfish Monthly

Love For All: The Lower Columbia Q Center

penned under the name Emmie Linstrom

Hipfish Monthly

Art + Astoria: The Evolution of AVA

penned under the name Emmie Linstrom

The Outsider


Written by our writer contributor Emily Linstrom this article was first published in The Wayward Post on February 13, 2017.


Black Dandy: Inagural Issue

The Sin Eater Sings Blue Hawaii

A macabre tale inspired by equal parts American gothic + Midwestern ghost towns + a late friend's account of a very real serial killer grandfather. Available now for...

Nature Studies Journal


A two-truths-and-a-lie satire concerning lifestyle blogs, elite interior magazines, two con artists, and the necessary acquiring of things.

Pulp Literature

Black Blizzard

My award -winning short story about a Depression-era dustbowl family, and the many ways magic can be twisted to corrupt or cope.



They say she is the soul of all wasted women: beautiful and barren, she is the suicide of winter, the white bone buried beneath the seedling; a strange and dangerous tree...



A tale about a family of monstrous immortals squatting in "a part of London even London has no recollection of..."

Gone Lawn


No more little mermaids.

Hagstone Publishing


What were faerie tales but the earliest birds and bees talk?